Bug: Extra keyboard space doesn't disappear. (At least on Android)

There is a problem with inputs and the space that is generated for the keyboard.

When an input gets focused, some extra space for the keyboard is generated via paddings. The content also gets scrolled.

The problem is: When the input is deselected (to some blank space), the keyboard disappears, but the extra space stays and the scrolling remains the same (doesn’t scroll back to the starting position).

This problem definitely appears on Android. Haven’t tired it on ios so far. It’s also existing in the “Ionic 2 Conference Application”.

Ionic version is Beta 2.

In ionic 1 it works all good. The space disappears and the scrolling goes back to the initial position.

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This problem seems to be still persisting, was it fixed?

Hard to say as no Github issues is linked. As this talks about Ionic beta 2, I would assume this was taken care of though.

If you still have this problem, please open a new topic (or issue on Github) with a detailed description what you are encountering.