Ionic 2 iOS Keyboard White Space

So…after spending two days alongside another colleague trying to fix this problem we are now out of options.
I am aware that there a lot of people with the same or similar problems and I made a basic drawing showing the problem (it only happens in iOS).


I drew in red all the things that happen after you close the keyboard(K):

1- The tabs (T) that were previously behind the keyboard and with bottom: 0 are now placed on top of the keyboard.
2- The keyboard disappears and leaves a huge white “div” in its place.
3- The white div follows the keyboard and the tabs finally return to their original position.

Obviously, all this looks very sluggish and it’s a disgrace compared to Android’s performance.

Does anyone has some kind of fix for this? I probably already tried all the “solutions” or “try this” that I found all over the forums and Google itself…

EDIT: It works in Android because I had set the following in the manifest: android:windowSoftInputMode=“adjustPan”. So it must be some configuration that must be changed within XCode probably?

EDIT2: If I manually call “this.keyboard.close()” the problem does not occur (to be honest it still happens but is very very rare). So basically the default action of the plugin “close the keyboard when clicking outside the input” is not working as it should. Given that I have only one input in my app which causes the Keyboard to open I will try to make a “click outside the input” directive and manually close the Keyboard. I will post my results when ready.

Thanks in advance