Bountysource for replicating Supersonic's native views stack


Continuing the discussion from SuperSonic by AppGyver - new Ionic fork. Improved performances, easy data access, emulators, etc

I think it would be cool to open a bountysource for adding features to Ionic. Specifically I’d like to see a similar native approach (in navbar, tabs, drawer) as the one used in Supersonic. Looks like their stack is actually a multipage page app (instead of SPA) with some sort of logic coordinating all the views.

We could also source tooling like the emulators, etc… I’d be willing to pledge some bucks for this to happen.



One question, why?

In AppGyver’s case, each “view” is a new webview in native land. That means there is native code that has the be written to make sure all these views talk to each other.

Just doesn’t seem worth it when you can do things in one webview. Less native code to deal with.