Steroids Tooling now supports Ionic projects


Hey everyone, AppGyver dev here! We saw the recent threads about Supersonic/Steroids, but didn’t want to butt in until we had something concrete to offer to the Ionic community.

We just released a new version of the Steroids Tooling that works out-of-the-box with Cordova projects, so that includes Ionic. You can read more in our guide. Steroids lets you develop your app locally without the need for Xcode or Android Studio (also on Windows/Linux), share it online via a simple QR code, utilize our Build Service to create stand-alone/App Store builds and more. It’s completely free.

Cordova/Ionic project support is still experimental, so we’d appreciate any feedback – does it make sense, what features are missing, what’s great, what should we improve upon etc. You guys have a great thing going here – the bottom-line mission for us is to enable people to make great mobile apps, so hopefully our tooling can help people working with 100% Ionic projects, too!

Harri Sarsa
Head of Development Relations
AppGyver, Inc.