Block app's installtion in rooted device


Is there way of blocking app’s installation in rooted device?

I have looked at cordova-plugin-root-detection, but haven’t implemented it yet.
I am planning to atleast block app from working in rooted device uising above mentioned plugin if installation can’t be blocked.

I am currently focused on Android, but I will appriciate options for iOS too. :slight_smile:

May be Google Play store is also supporting this (written here), but I am not sure about this.


I have not personally tried any of these methods, but the Google Play approach might seem like the better alternative.


Thank you @mhartington.

I couldn’t find any plugin to stop installation of generated *.apk file, but I managed to detect rooted device using cordova plugin iroot.

I have added detailed description of steps taken by me to check for rooted device.


can we block installation on the rooted device?