Is there anyway to protect my app from malicious apps like 'Lucky Patcher'

I just wanna know if there’s any solution that I can do to block the lucky patcher? I looked into the docs and there isn’t such thing as checking for certificate signature or anything like that.

Thank you in advance.

What exactly are you trying to prevent people from doing? Obviously a signature check is pointless against a determined attacker with physical control over the execution environment: they could simply NOP out your check the same way they’d be doing any other sort of patching of the app binary.

Yeah you’re right, that’s what i thought too.
Well I’m trying to prevent the in-app-purchase patch, is there any way I can do that?

“the in-app-purchase patch”

Not sure what you are talking about

Luck patcher has an option where you can disable the inapp-purchase in apps. You can also disable the ads and so on. But what I wanna do is to provoke Lucky Patcher from disabling the in-app-purchase in my app.
Hope that you get what I mean now.

I would suggest taking 100% of the time you’re spending worrying about this and devoting it instead to making your app so wonderful that people will want to support your development efforts.

Im already giving all of me in making the app better for my users.
And I’ll take that as a NO, you don’t know the response OR there’s no solution for it using Ionic Framework.

Thanks anyway.

Not 100% sure to be honest. But i’ll kind of echo what Rapropos is saying…

If people want to hack and get around this stuff…they’ll probably do it. Unless you’re able to see what lucky patcher is doing, there’s probably no way to get around it. Though I don’t see the app on the play store, so not sure where people get it.

Either way, the answer to your original question. Maybe? But that’s beyond my knowledge.

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Yep, having the same problem. Anyone has the answer?