Blank White Screen appears after splash-screen hided

Hello! I am facing the issue of appearing white screen after SplashScreen hide while installation or restarting Apps .
When I reload the apps after android permission asked, the white screen appears for a few second.
On console, it didn’t show any error.
Can you guide me how to remove it ? Thank you so much.

Here is my ionic and angular version :
Angular CLI: 7.3.9
Node: 10.16.3
Angular: 7.2.15
ionic : 4.12

If you can provide with the sample code/example, it would be helpful.

Else you can do one thing,
you can start with the new project and check step by step whether after which piece of code does the blank screen starts coming.

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You can use this piece of code to resolve your issue{ path: ‘’, redirectTo: ‘pageName’, pathMatch: ‘full’ }
By adding this in your routing module your app will directly route to the page whichever specified. I think this will solve your issue.

Thank you. I will redo the project and trance it again. it may take time.

I will try this. Thank you so much.