Blank Screen While running app on emulator or device

My app runs smoothly on web page but when installed on emulator or android device, it appears to be blank.

Please help me out… :sleepy:


I am encountering the same problem, but only on the device (not emulator).

With the latest CLI if I run with livereload it works but not without livereload

The following works for me on the device.

ionic run ios --device -l

If I do the following, I get a blank white screen on launching

ionic run ios --device

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I’m having the same issue! I could really use some help on this.
Blank screen when I do ionic run ios, or run the .xcodeproject file
But it works just fine whenever i do ionic run ios -l or ionic serve


Having the same issue, app works with ionic run ios -l, but doesn’t run without it

I had the same problem. Turned out that the directive definitions that I was using had a leading slash in the URL. i.e. instead of

.directive("login", function (){
		return {
		restrict: 'E',
		templateUrl : '/templates/login.html'

I needed remove the trailing slash:

.directive("login", function (){
		return {
		restrict: 'E',
		templateUrl : 'templates/login.html'

For other people, fixing their src import links solved the problem.

Its odd that the application works with livereload regardless, though.