Black screen shows up after splash screen hiding

Black screen shows up after splash screen hiding in ionic iOS simulator and all all iOS devices, i been stuck in this issue for a whole week, please help me out.

is it black screen or gray screen?
I’m having the same problem with gray screen showing up when my app starts…

It’s a black screen shows up when launching app just when the splash screen goes and the app stuck to that screen until i press one of hidden the tabs, then the home page and other pages displayed normally.

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I think this screen looks black on your smartphone… it looks gray on mine.

This seems to happen to all apps built on Cordova. I even tested an app built on Apache Cordova without phonegap or Ionic. It shows the same blank dark gray screen for few seconds before splash screen starts.
People told me that’s a default loading screen of Cordova.

Some people say they can’t see this black screen… I guess they have really good smartphones which can load apps faster so they don’t see this screen.
I’ve worked two weeks on removing this gray screen but have no luck yet. It still shows for at least 3 seconds before splash screen.

A temporary solution to this problem is making your splash screen in the same dark gray color. Then users will think that gray screen is a part of your splash screen … and will not feel it’s strange to see that dark gray screen when starting an app.

For mine, it’s after splash not before and it’s going to go away until i press any position on the screen, i think no user can accept a behavior such that !! :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Nobody seems to help me with this problem

There’s no solution to this problem yet…

I’m waiting Cordova team to publish an update which will eliminate this gray screen & white splash screen problem.

Actually the problem was in FCM plugin needs to be initiated after the platform being ready and was solved by just putting the this.fcm.onNotification() inside the platform.ready() block and everything works just fine.


You can use AutoHideSplashScreen to avoid black or white extra screen after splashscreen.

–> preference name=“SplashScreenDelay” value="
–> preference name=“AutoHideSplashScreen” value=“false”

Hope this helps.

Sometimes, ready function inside app.component.ts is taking too much time to load the plugins. If you are calling any plugin function before it get load then it breaks and shows the blank and also will stuck on it. so make your logic in way that it get call after all the required plugins are loaded.