Black screen after home page in iOS but working fine in android


I developed a ionic app that that have a login page, a home page and a logout page.

The app works fine in with no problem in android.

But on iOS devices, the app goes fully black screen once after log in is complete?

I don’t have any previous experiances with iOS app development, so I don’t know what code should I place here or not.

Can anyone help me?
If you need any kind of code please tell me.

Thank you in advance

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I am having a similar issue when testing my app with Ionic View on iOS. After converting my app to use Lazy Loading, there is a black screen for 3-5 seconds when changing from the Login page to the Home page.

please look into this link may helpfull.

Thank you for posting but the code snippet did not work for me.

Actually, not for 3-5 seconds.

My app works fine in the first page.
It appears to be a login page and afterwards on succesful login, I get a black page.

Which was leading to a home page.

Well I figure out what my error is.

I was actually storing the login token with the help of nativeStorage.

It was causing all the black screen problem.

How Can cache the information in device using ionic in iOS devices?