Beta14 Slide-Box Vertical Scroll Behaviour


I have a scrollable content within each slide based on

Now before Beta14, I could either scroll horizontally (slide-box) or vertically (content) but not both together.

With Beta14, it scrolls on both axis at the same time. To compare the behaviour, just replace the version number to beta14 in the codepen.

Is there a solution to go back to the old behaviour?



B.t.w. Beta14 is great. Thank you guys for the great work. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this as well. The home tab of my app uses a configuration like yours.

Related issues:

Thank you for the links to the related issues and sorry for the duplicate post.

@christiankohler - Made a fix that worked for my use case. Hope it works for yours, too!

Hi Stephen

Works very well. I tested it on a iPhone 5 and a Nexus 7. Would be great to see feature in the next version of ionic.

Thanks and happy new year!

Any word on this being fixed by the ionic team? Just curious.

not see it in latest ‘nightly’, maybe you can change code to use this fix.

Can anyone on the ionic team speak to this? The issue has been around for a while and there are multiple pull requests in with fixes. Just curious why they havent been accepted, would love to see this in a nightly soon.