Beta 14 - Slide-box limit scroll whilst sliding


We are looking for a way to limit scrolling whilst swiping slides.

It appears the functionality has changed between beta 10 and 14, where this was default behaviour.

Beta 10:

Beta 14:

Any thoughts on config changes that should be made?

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I noticed this after upgrading from beta 13. Would love to know a fix as well. Tried the hackiest things I could think of, nothing worked as well as it used to.

Hey guys, this is something known to the team. We have a whole separate slide-box branch that we’re working on.


Hi, I’m working in a project that has a slidebox and each slide has scrolleable content inside. I can also confirm as @sawchuk said that up to version beta 13 this was working just fine and started working wrong after updating to version beta 14.
If you start scrolling the content in a perfect vertical way, the scroll “blocks” and you can’t swype slides which is the expected behavior, but if you start swyping slides then the content also scrolls at the same time and this is the unexpected behavior. Like I was saying this happens when you update ionic library from beta 13 to beta 14, without changing any of the app code.

@raffij @kunst

Made a fix that worked for my use case – feel free to check it out:

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