beta14: Hidden ion-nav-buttons obscuring Title

I’m running into an issue with beta14 where I have a series of ion-nav-buttons in a view, where only one of a handful of buttons are shown at a time (depending on the context of the information being displayed). Specifically, I’m seeing:

  1. The $scope isn’t being applied to the ion-nav-buttons logic until after the view has finished “$ionicView.entered”, causing my icons, even those that are set to only show if a certain $scope value is determined, are always shown while the view is being transitioned into view.

  2. It appears Ionic is calculating the width of the ion-nav-buttons section based on all icons being shown, and this width is then used by Ionic to determine how much space will be left over for centered view title. However, once the $scope is applied to my buttons and the unnecessary ones are removed, the width isn’t recalculated to free up space for the title.

Ideally, I’d like to see this work the same as beta13, which only showed the icons once the view was loaded (and the $scope already applied to the logic, which in turn caused Ionic to properly calculate the width of the ion-nav-buttons area).

I’ve put up a Codepen here which should show what I’m trying to describe:

Issue has been opened here:

For anyone that’s curious, @mhartington solved it with this:,{