When providing ion-view to be rendered in ion-nav-view , some of the html is not showing

I have just started learning Ionic take a look at the code below , the problem is i want the ion-nav-bar with the icon to still be in the bar area when i click the “Go to team” button .

abstract html page :

        <ion-nav-view name = "mainContent" animation = "slide-left-right"></ion-nav-view>

<ion-side-menu side="left">
    <header class="bar bar-header bar-balanced">
        <h1 class="title">Elite Schedule</ion-nav-title>
    <ion-content class="has-header">
    <ion-item nav-clear menu-close ui-sref="app.teams">Home</ion-item>
    <ion-item nav-clear menu-close ui-sref="app.teams">Teams</ion-item>
    <ion-item nav-clear menu-close ui-sref="app.standings">Standings</ion-item>
    <ion-item nav-clear menu-close ui-sref="app.locations">Locations</ion-item>
    <ion-item nav-clear menu-close ui-sref="app.rules">Rules</ion-item>

template where the button is :


Go to Team 21 template which when showed in the ion-nav-view = "mainContent" hides the nav-bar icon :

Team detail

I am a novice if you need anything else to solve the problem i will give it to you .