Beta 14 - nav bar is not showing nav buttons with ion-slide change

Hello, I am seeing a problem in beta 14. Can some one throw any input?

I am having a view where I am using using ionic slider. I am using these slider inside tabbed-slide-box. (A plugin available at For each tab I am loading different nav buttons on nav bar. The problem is nav bar is not getting showing appropriate nav buttons when tab changed. It is always showing nav buttons of last tab. I created a plunk here. Kindly let me know how to refresh nav bar based on tab/slide change

  1. Click on “settings” icon. You should see three tabs.
    In this I am showing three tabs. (1)editfeedback, (2) feedback and (3) settings. Ion nav bar is always showing nav buttons of settings page. When I selected either feedback (or) editfeedback page nav bar is not showing nav bauttons of either page.

Can some throw any input on this please…

You may want to open an issue for this on the tabbedSlideBox repo.
It seems it was last updated 4-5 months ago and is probably not calling the correct code.

Thank You. I posted issue here. But it is inactive a while.

Still I am not understanding what might be the issue causing it…

I am still struggling to get this issue. I am unable to update my project to beta 14 because of this.
Here are the two plunks which I created. Can some one help me to resolve this. (The plugin developer saying to cross check with ionic)

Hey this is new plunk i created from ionic beta 13 -
this is plunk i created using ionic beta 14 -
(after loading these plunks click on settings button to identify the issue.)

Definitely behaviour of nav bar changed from beta 14. in app.js, below is the code snipet where I am loading 3 views inside a page. What happening is at end of page load, Nav bar of last view (docview in this case) getting displayed. It is not changing when tab selection is changed.

Is there any way we can reload nav bar on tab selection? Appreciate your input on this.

.state('app.workitem-base.main', {
         url: "/workitem",
         views: {
             'calendarView': {
                 templateUrl: "feedback.html",
             'contactView': {
                 templateUrl: "editFeedback.html",
             'docView': {
                 templateUrl: "settings.html",

Hi, Can some one help me on this?

Hello, can some one provide some input on this?