Beta 14 - iOS Title wrong position


Hi guys,

I updated from beta-13 to beta-14 and I see the Title in the right position running the app in iOS section on the browser (serve --lab) and on Android devices:

But when I run the app on an iOS device or emulator the Title is in a wrong position:

Any idea why is this happening and how can I fix it?


Can you provide a codepen?
Kind of hard to pinpoint the issue with out one


I found out the issue, I am using a structor like main-template->tabs(bottom)->ion-view->tabs(top) and it seems like having two tabs on the same page was causing this issue on iOS devices, so I extended ionic class .tabs-top
(.q-tabs-top {
@extend .tabs-top
}) into a new class and used the new class instead and it is working again.