Beta 14 - Click-block overlay

Hi guys,

I just updated from beta-13 to beta-14 and when the page loads for the first time I can click but after that click-block div class overlays the page and doesn’t let users to navigate and use the app. The class should be removed on page transition but it doesn’t. Any idea why this is happening and how can I fix it?


I had this issue because i am using own scss and include ionic scss ->
you have to build your css another time to get new css-classes.

In simple words -> you are missing some new css classes like click-block-hide


Make sure you are upgrade both the js and the css.
There have been a lot of changes to both files

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Thank you, I recompiled my SASS and it fixed it.

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I facing this issue. I recompiled sass, but its not fixed. What should i do?

I am facing this same issue too.

It is interfering with our automated e2e tests.

Automatic clicking won’t happen because it is clicking on that click-block element all the time.

Why is this element even there? What is the purpose, apart from breaking tests?

Please fix.