ionicLoading backdrop doesn't prevent clicks


When the ionic loading screen is up, with a backdrop, it should receive all click/tap events and do nothing. This is not so, so the user can still interact with the page behind the overlay. Should I create an issue for this in GitHub or is this expected behaviour?


Do you have a sample?

This sample shows that the ionicLoading indicator does block. Try clicking the “Increment Counter” button while the loading indicator is up.


I’m pretty sure the deal is that it doesn’t disable clicks on modals!
I’m still testing it though.


I have a similar problem with $ionicPopup.alert, etc.
Elements of the back can still be clicked althouth an overlay is shown.

When I create the overlay with $ionicBackdrop.retain, it catches all click events, but when I call $ionicPopup.alert after $ionicBackdrop.retain, then $ionicPopup.alert releases the backdrop and I can click elements of the back.


I just updated to the latest ionic version - and now everything is fine.
I love ionic