[Beta 11] button handler in alerts does not get called

I just updated to beta 11 and after switching to the new way of doing alerts, the button handlers are not being triggered when the buttons are clicked.

Anybody else running into this?

Actually the alert is not even dismissed without a handler either: :sob:

	let alert = this.alertController.create({
			title: 'Email Sent',
			subTitle: `Password reset instructions have been sent to your email.`,
			buttons: ['Ok']

I did some looking and here’s the situation:

  1. there is a loading element on screen at the same time the alert gets displayed.
  2. it seems that the existence of the loading component prevents the ionViewDidEnter from being fired on the Alert component.
  3. since ionViewDidEnter never fires, the alert component’s enabled property never gets set to true, and this short circuits the button clicks.
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bug submitted here: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/7568

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