Alert handler not executes in ios

I can’t figured out what is going on here. In a view I have a form, then when you submit that form a confirm alert is displayed, if you pick either No or Si option, the alert is dimissed but the handlers never called… The flow to go up to this page is HomePage->OtherPage->THE form Page that display the alert…
Using Android and web browser works as I expected, but not in iOS

I test on an Iphone 7 emulator with iOS 12.
I realise that if the alert was display in the OtherPage works perfect, but in a deeper level not.

Here is my Alert code

 const confirm = this.alertCtrl.create({
        title: 'Guardar teléfono',
        message: '¿Desea agregar el teléfono ' + this.telefono.value + ' a su perfil para futuras reservas?' ,

        buttons: [
            text: 'No',
            handler: () => {
              console.log('Disagree clicked');
            text: 'Si',
            handler: () => {
              console.log('Agree clicked');