The best caching for ionic framework

Hi every one. I am building an application with a mobile and web version. i am almost done with the server side using laravel restful api. for the mobile version I first had the intention of using titanium studio until last week i came across IONIC. it sounds interesting especially since i am getting along with angular js.
My application will manage heavy data on client which i intend to cache. it will allow users to carry out half of its function while offline then it will sync once connection is re established.

What do we have in ionic that can make this application possible with little or no stress. What catching mechanism are inbuilt in ionic.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Hello Trust.
For the offline storage, I use the Cordova SQLite plugin :

As I have to retrieve a large amount of data, I didn’t want to use localStorage which is limited in space and can’t handle complicated data structure. The SQLite database allow me to use SQL, so basically I have a synchronization feature which import data from my API and fill my SQLite tables.

You can build you own wrapper around this plugin by using a service/factory/provider for example (I made this one if you want to take some ideas from it : Factory wrapper for SQLite plugin)
Or you can find more elaborate solution which can be used along with the SQLite plugin like or


Thanks so much. i will look into them.

you can find some interesting info here:

Could anyone give example code about caching data between mobile and remote server using sqlite db?

Hello, Could anyone to help solve this problem?