Best way to create scrollable popup menu?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using Ionic for a few days and I have to say I’m really liking it. I’m currently making an app which has a page containing a list of editable fields. I’m wanting the app to bring up a popup when a user taps on a particular field so that they can then edit the information in that field in the popup.
Several of the fields are date fields and so instead of just bringing up a popup that asks the user to manually type in a new date, I’d like the popup to have three adjacent scrollable menus which they can use to select the day, month and year.
Ideally I’d like the popup to only take up part of the page so it doesn’t feel like the user is being taken to a completely new page. What would be the best way of achieving this?


Hi !

For date pickers, I would use the plugin :$ionicPopup/

You have an Angular wrapper here with NGCordova :

For regular popups take a look at$ionicPopup/

Hi JerryBels

Is there a way to add customer HTML / CSS into ionicPopups? I’m developing a mobile web app at this stage so won’t be able to use Cordova.