Best tutorial for ionic and firebase?

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I am trying to implement an application using a very simple email/password authentication with Firebase. It seems that every tutorial I try to follow is out-dated … Does anyone could help me by advising me a good one, not out-dated ?

Thank you Ionic community !



up ! Anyone have something to suggest ?

can follow his ones.
he have 7-8 good tutorials on firebase with ionic.

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AngularFire also provides a pretty decent one to get you up and running:

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thank to both of you, I’ll ckeck them out tonight ! :smile:

5 Months later … same problem. The AF2 site is about as easy to understand as Chinese written by a Russian who only speaks Tagalog with English Letters.

This should be simple one would think. Its easy with CouchDB.

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Jave Bratt writes nice tutorials. Check his blogs or buy his book?

Hey there,

It depends on your poison of choice if you’re using the Firebase JS SDK I wrote a tutorial here:

If you’re using AngularFire2 then this guide is for you:

I try to keep my content up-to-date, sometimes I miss stuff since there are a lot of articles and things change fast.

If you find something that’s outdated, please let me know.

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@javebratt puts out some of the higher quality tutorials. A very, very good one for Firebase Auth / signup / login.

Aside from @javebratt ‘s work I found it difficult to find many quality tutorials. I taught myself using the Firebase docs, googling issues when necessary, and following the few decent tutorials that are out there.

Slim pickins

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