Best tutorial for ionic and firebase?


Hi there !

I am trying to implement an application using a very simple email/password authentication with Firebase. It seems that every tutorial I try to follow is out-dated … Does anyone could help me by advising me a good one, not out-dated ?

Thank you Ionic community !



up ! Anyone have something to suggest ?


can follow his ones.
he have 7-8 good tutorials on firebase with ionic.


AngularFire also provides a pretty decent one to get you up and running:


thank to both of you, I’ll ckeck them out tonight ! :smile:


5 Months later … same problem. The AF2 site is about as easy to understand as Chinese written by a Russian who only speaks Tagalog with English Letters.

This should be simple one would think. Its easy with CouchDB.


Jave Bratt writes nice tutorials. Check his blogs or buy his book?


Hey there,

It depends on your poison of choice if you’re using the Firebase JS SDK I wrote a tutorial here:

If you’re using AngularFire2 then this guide is for you:

I try to keep my content up-to-date, sometimes I miss stuff since there are a lot of articles and things change fast.

If you find something that’s outdated, please let me know.


@javebratt puts out some of the higher quality tutorials. A very, very good one for Firebase Auth / signup / login.

Aside from @javebratt ‘s work I found it difficult to find many quality tutorials. I taught myself using the Firebase docs, googling issues when necessary, and following the few decent tutorials that are out there.

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