Beginner question: ios building helloCordova starter instead of my code


Hi guys,

Just started using ionic and got myself a new mac as well, so I guess it’s a kinda newbee question here. I’ve got a project I was working on my PC so far and was successfully building it for Android. I started from the HelloCordova project template.
Now I wanted to build an iOS version so I copied my whole project to my mac, ran "ionic platform add ios"and “ionic build ios”, opened this project (.xcodeproj) in the Xcode emulator - but instead of seeing my app, I see the original "HelloCordova"gray splash screen and nothing else.

update: running “ionic serve” works just fine. though “ionic emulate ios” gives me the annoying HelloCordova splashscreen

Sounds like something you guys might be able to help me with?
Huge thanks for any tips :smile:


try to run “cordova prepare” before emulation.


Thanks man - tried though and no luck still


where did you put your own code ? in platforms -> ios -> www or in root www ?


i put is in root www, but I checked and it’s copied over to the platforms/ios/www completely … thought of that as well :smile:


if you create a new project via ionic cli and then add your sources it works?


just did that actually, cannot believe I didn’t rememeber this earlier. all works well now. Thank you guys, sorry for the newbee attitude of not trying hard enough before asking :). Cheers, case closed