Base64 image with charset=utf-8; not displayed in Ionic2

I’m migrating my application with camera from Ionic1 to Ionic2.

It turns out that that specifying a charset=utf-8; in a base64 URI will result as a non displayed image.

Not working:

string imgURI:string = 'data:image/jpeg;charset=utf-8;base64,...'


string imgURI:string = 'data:image/jpeg;base64,...'

I tried to display that imgURI as

<img [src]="imgURI"/>
<img src="{{imgURI}}"/>
<ion-input [(ngModel)]="imgURI"/>

each time faced the same result aka imgURI not correctly displayed. Seems that the ‘-’ in the charset ‘utf-8’ breaks the evaluation of the value.

do I make something wrong? anyone got an idea how to specify the charset of a base64 image in Ionic2?

tries to concatenate the string in single quotation mark
imgURI string: string = ‘data: image / jpeg; base64, …‘
imgUri = "’" + imgUri + "’"