Barcode Scanner question

My question is if the barcode scanner of ionic can read the barcode and translate or bring the information of a product like expiration date,etc.And if it does how can I do it?

have you try barcode scanner plugin ?

A “scanner” reads what’s “in” the barcode. If your barcode doesn’t contain the data you want, you obviously will not be able to read that (with any barcode scanner).

As on the page @hirenkorat3 pointed, you’ll see that the ‘Barcode Scanner’ plugin of Ionic can read the following barcode types:
‘QR_CODE’ | ‘DATA_MATRIX’ | ‘UPC_E’ | ‘UPC_A’ | ‘EAN_8’ | ‘EAN_13’ | ‘CODE_128’ | ‘CODE_39’ | ‘CODE_93’ | ‘CODABAR’ | ‘ITF’ | ‘RSS14’ | ‘RSS_EXPANDED’ | ‘PDF417’ | ‘AZTEC’ | ‘MSI’

If you want to try that plugin don’t forget to check the repo page too. There’s some valuable information there too: