Bamboo, Artifactory, and iOS builds integration

I have an Ionic project that is being built for both iOS/Android. The project comes with a Gulp file that generates the binaries and its been integrated with Bamboo. The result of running the Bamboo build is a set of Artifacts, which are being hosted on the Bamboo Server itself:

Where builds.html is a webpage with dynamic URLs pointing to the iOS/Android binaries.

For the Android side of things, I can open the webpage on an Android device and download the android-app.apk just fine.

iOS, on the other hand is a bit tricky. For Enterprise builds, a webpage with a weblink pointing to ios-app.plist needs to be generated and the plist file itself needs to have a url pointing to ios. However, on tapping the iOS link in Safari, the issue I’m facing is exactly like this: iOS4 Enterprise App for Wireless Distribution Probelm

The solution that was proposed by our Dev Ops team was to migrate all Artifacts to Artifactory but until they get back to me, I’m not even sure where to begin. I did some research on the Artifactory site and Google but did not find any information about any kind of iOS builds integration. Has anyone else run into this same challenge and found an answer for this?