BackgroundGeolocation Interval Issues

I’ve been following a tutorial by the great Josh Morony, and I am not able to get the interval to consistently produce a console log of the current speed of the device. It seems to ignore the interval set, and when setting the interval to 1000 it does not return a response every second, as shown below.

[19:43:45]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 0 
[19:45:18]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 0.7200000286102295 
[19:45:27]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 0 
[19:48:53]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 0 
[20:24:04]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 0.7900000214576721 
[20:24:07]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 1.4199999570846558 
[20:24:11]  console.log: BackgroundGeolocationSpeed 1.5299999713897705 

As you can also see, sometimes a log will not be produced for a long time and I was wondering what causes this, as it seemed to only produce more console logs when i just clicked on the terminal again.

I need this to run in the background because I am using it to prevent notifications from being triggered when the user is driving (e.g. travelling over 15mph) so that they do not get distracted.

In my SpeedTracker provider:

startTracking() {
    let config = {
      desiredAccuracy: 0,
      stationaryRadius: 20,
      distanceFilter: 10,
      debug: false,
      interval: 1000
    BackgroundGeolocation.configure((location) => {
      // Run update inside of Angular's zone => {
        this.speed = location.speed;
        console.log("BackgroundGeolocationSpeed " + location.speed);
    }, (err) => {
    }, config);
    // Turn ON the background-geolocation system.

This is started in app.component.ts.

Any help?