BackgroundColor property on crosswalk plugin


I develop a Ionic application (ionic1 1.2.4 / cordova android 5.1.1 / cordova ios 4.1.0) and I use the last crosswalk plugin version which is compatible with my environment (cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview 2.1.0 / crosswalk version 21).

I’m trying to use the BackgroundColor property (in my config.xml file) to prevent the appearance of a white screen when keyboard is dismissing (it seems there is no component in my DOM which has white background color).

My main app color is F9E8D5. If I set

<preference name="BackgroundColor" value= "0xFFF9E8D5" />`

the white screen is still there.

If I set

<preference name="BackgroundColor" value= "0x00F9E8D5" />

it is replace by a black screen (it shows that this property is really used).

I tried with « #F9E8D5 », « #FFF9E8D5 », « #00F9E8D5 » without any result.

Do you have any idea to fix this issue ? Thank you very much !