Background image in header


How can i get background image in Header throughout application.


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If what you want to do is have a background-image o your header bar instead a solid color, what you have to do is…
Create a css file (this do it easier) and your code can be like:

.cyan{background-image: url(’…/img/header.png’)!important;} <----- CSS File

ion-nav-bar class="bar cyan"
ion-nav-back-button class=“button-icon fa fa-angle-left”></ion-nav-back-button
/ion-nav-bar <--------- HTML File
a tip here… you can create many headers color or images with the same classes and just change the name, example:
.purple{background: #924a9c!important;}
.cyan{background-image: url(’…/img/header.png’)!important;}
and then you just change at the top of your header “the class” example:

And magic happens.