[RESOLVED] Delete header

Hi ! :slight_smile:

How I can remove totaly the header of Ionic please ? :slight_smile:

Go into your template, remove the code for the header, done.

No sorry, it’s not my question…

How I can put the One picture in the header without title, text etc… ?

Well, unfortunately your second question doesn’t make much sense. What exactly do you want to do where? What is the code?

I have no code because I don’t know how to do that :wink:

I want to put just one picture in the background of header, so how can I put a background img in the header ?

Sorry for my english :frowning:

What do you mean by “header” exactly?

I would like to do like this img, with the top img in the header and not in “ion-content” :slight_smile:

What should it look like if you scroll down? Headers have the property to stay where they are. And in your example this would mean the whole image stays there all the time.

Yes :slight_smile: This is what I Want

Then I would guess define a background image for ion-header, then remove the background-colors for all the elements inside the ion-header. Of set the background image for the most inner element. Whatever is more comfortable after you got the header to be as big as you want it.

Ok I will try thanks :slight_smile:

Another thing to look into is this:

It will have a parallax header rather than a static one, but it’s another option.

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It’s that @SigmundFroyd, thanks ! :slight_smile: