Background Geolocation plugin working or not?

i am trying to implement background geolocation plugin provide by ionic native for last 6 day,
i try each and every concept provide by ionic forum,josh morony,stack overflow. i mean all!!
but still i didn’t get it work perfect.all the demo of internet about background geolocation work perfect till app is active in background when i kill app from background i get just toast and toast but i didn’t get single entry in my database.

so i just want to ask you all one simple yes or no question : Background Geolocation plugin working or not ?

I am also try that but when kill app background running task also killed , Not work . Try Something new

hello hirenkorat3
i work in background geolocation plugin for last 3 day
and i do what you want to do exactly
so i think there is problem to send API to our database after 5 min or some min in background
OS kill tasks
So I looked for how to prevent the operating system from stopping the application
but I have no solutions
so what we have to do ?