Background Geolocation: Interval cannot be set in BackgroundGeolocationConfig, Battery draining issue for IOS

Hi, I am using @mauron85/cordova-plugin-background-geolocation in my Ionic capacitor React Application.
Not able to customise the BackgroundGeolocationConfig, e.g. Interval cannot be set. Location update notification is inconsistent. Sometimes it is very frequent and sometimes very delayed. Not able to control from app. Causing Battery draining issue for IOS, even I set the Location Settings as “While Using the App” also.

My requirement is only every 1 hour, Device location status would be notified, device may be in Active, Inactive (Background ) or Device is in idle state.

I would be grateful someone can help me to resolve it.


Write a new function for settimeout. Pls try this.

class CowtanApp extends Component {
  this.state = {
  timePassed: false

componentDidMount() {
  this.setTimeout( () => {

setTimePassed() {
   this.setState({timePassed: true});

render() {

if (!this.state.timePassed){
  return <LoadingPage/>;
  return (
      style = {styles.container}
      initialRoute = {{
        component: LoginPage,
        title: 'Sign In',