Back Button touch area too small and hard to press


I’m using Ionic 1, without any back button text (just the back icon) and have noticed that it’s harder to press the back button than in native apps. I’ve experienced it myself and also seen other people using the app having to press the back button multiple times trying to get it to register.

It seems the touch area is too small, smaller than in native, and that’s why it’s hard to press. You can see the area when you tap at the edge of the button (or long press in browser) and the whole thing highlights, showing the small area.

Is there a way I can increase the size of tap area so that it’s closer to native?


change the font size of the back button icon


Thanks for the reply, baviskarmitesh. I don’t want the actual icon to change size though, just the area that registers the touch.


add some more padding to the element, e g. padding: 5px 20px;

this increases the touchable area of the button by 5px to bottom and top and 20px to left and right