Back Button not displaying in TAB Page

When we are coming to a TAB Page from another Page, the Back Button is not getting displayed on the TAB Page Header.

But, H/W Back key navigates the Pages Correctly.

For Demo, Check this codepen

What exactly are you expecting to see there? The Tab page is the “home state” essentially. From the “home state” there is nowhere to go back to.

In my case Tab is not the Home screen, I have a list screen then I am coming to the TAB page, when I am in TAB Page, I would like to go back to the Originating Home Page

Ahh… good point.

I figured you could just add some left-buttons. I’ve tried so setup a sample to test that. Theoretically, the ion-tab should respect the left-buttons attribute. However, I can’t get that to work either.

I’m going to open a bug/feature request for this.

Hmm… Seems the devs aren’t too in favor of this:

I’ve opened issue # 737 :