Back button in the header not working


It seems I cannot implement the back button in the header. Say I have the following in the header of page-2

	<ion-buttons slot="start">
		<ion-back-button text="Back"></ion-back-button>
	 	Select your time

I navigate to page-2 from page-1 using a button click handler…


But I don’t see the back button in the header of page-2… Am I missing anything?

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I think you must use ion-navbar instead of ion-toolbar:

	 	Select your time

Forgot to mention… this is in ionic 4 and there is no Navbar anymore… But anyways, it is fixed. I did a childish mistake… While making changes, it reloads the page, so the router stack is cleared and thus the back button was not appearing… When I started from the main page it worked as expected…

In your toolbar, add hideBackButton, this will make the follow button be the only button in toolbar.

  <ion-buttons left>
        <button ion-button icon-only (click)="pop()">
            <ion-icon name="arrow-back"></ion-icon>


It is better to do it with set root to avoid pushed pages or that stuff.


I needed a go-back, not go-to-root… Anyways, as I said, it was my mistake…

ion-back-button works well.

I thought you were talking about Ionic 3.