Azure authentication doesn't trigger any login screen


Hi, I’m using ionic view to test my app and the ms-adal plugin to authenticate

This is my code when i click the login button, but nothing is happening… Nothing pops up…
I have searched a lot on this but i’m stuck!

login() {
    var authority = "",
    redirectUri = "http://IonicAuthenticationTest",
    resourceUri = "",
    appId = "XXXXXXX";

    let authContext: AuthenticationContext = this.msAdal.createAuthenticationContext(authority);
    authContext.acquireTokenAsync(resourceUri, appId, redirectUri)
    .then((authResponse: AuthenticationResult) => {
    window.alert('Token is' + authResponse.accessToken);
    window.alert('Token will expire on' + authResponse.expiresOn);
    }).catch((e: any) => window.alert('Failed' + e));