AWS Device Farm Appium Test NG


I have configured AWS Device Farm to run automated tests for my app.
I successfully ran tests using the Built-in Explorer and Built-in Fuzz test types following this post.
Now I would like to use the Appium Test NG type. I have installed the appium module and got it running: [Appium] Appium REST http interface listener started on
But what now ? How can I write and use a test for ionic 2 use ?
It is said here that “Your Android Appium Java TestNG tests must be contained in a .zip file” and they point to Appium’s official website for further explanations on how to use appium with android or ios devices.
The explanations are very unclear to me though and I’m quite stuck right now.
Has anyone ever tryed this out ?


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Hi @clementino36 have you found anything yet on this.?

Hi, unfortunately not.
I actually gave up Ionic for React Native so I didn’t dig too much either.