Automating white branding build

Hi guys,

I’m building some kind of white brand app. Meaning by this that I have a basic app that I customize with client themes. Every clone has the same functional parts and changes are mostly cosmetic.
This is manageable with few version but i’m getting a bit too much versions atm.
So i’d like to do some automation. Like having my main app and on build or on launch of a script would compile with such logos/i18n/scss files.
I was wondering what was your input on automating the build process for such case.
Would jenkins be overkill? A simple script maybe enough? Settle this with git branches?

What i’m afraid of atm is the depencies hell of most google plugins that creats a lot of issues if ever i need to remove and readd platforms to change packages names or whatever. (for exemple i have to use a presise version of android platform or i have to make changes to my pod file and install it again every time)