Automating an app for a demo


Hey Everyone,

I’m toying with the idea of automating an app for demonstration purposes.

Rather than take a video or make an animated gif, I wanted to embed an app in an iframe on a desktop, then use javascript to automate it. So automate clicks and inputs and mouse input. It would have to be a dummy cursor, etc and inputs that don’t steal the mouse focus, so the app may need to be slightly modified to be compatible.

Then the user can at any point interrupt the demo (or I can block it with a transparent overlay to stop the user interacting). or they can reload it and start again.

Does any such thing exist?

Personally, I hate watching videos of a demo of an app, and I guess most other people do too. How cool would it be to have the LIVE app running a demo, then you can just click and interrupt it and play with it yourself.

Thanks, Ryan


And yes, I did Google quite a few different terms, but either I am getting the search wrong, it isn’t doable, or such a framework doesn’t exist.

Tools like selenium aren’t suitable. And it isn’t for development testing. It’s for demonstration. It needs to work in a standard users browser and just run.