Automated Capacitor Project Configuration with Capacitor Configure

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Many developers need to script and automate the configuration of their Capacitor projects. For example, apps that generate multiple versions of themselves for whitelabeling, automated tooling that needs to update version and build numbers, or plugins that need to automatically configure user projects to correctly run and use the plugin. Until now, developers had to…


Can this be used to configure app icon sets?

No but I’m working on a new version of the old cordova-res utility likely called @capacitor/assets that will handle that. Still debating merging the two but for now they will be separate packages. Keep an eye on GitHub - ionic-team/capacitor-assets at fresh-start

Hi @max

How is it going with the @capacitor/assets.


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@mhartington this is perfect timing as I was just exploring how to handle these tasks and then I stumbled upon this through one of Simons videos on youtube.

For the white label option, would I be able to use this tool for the Identity Vault since each client needs to have their license? If not, any recommendations on how to script that out per client?

I am trying the yaml config with our dev ops.

I would love to see the progress on assets as well.

thanks and happy for the timing of this project.


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are we able to pass in any parameters?

trying to figure out how to pass in the Build Id from azure devops.

npx cap-config run config.yml -buildId: $(Build.BuildId)

I’m facing a problem using yaml file: i don’t receive any error, but my info.plist stay the same.

replace: false
- NSFaceIDUsageDescription: Use Face ID to authenticate yourself and login