Audio volume levels

OK here’s the issue. My ionic app has been out on the app store for six months or so. This week a user reported a problem where sometimes she cannot hear the audio files being played, whereas if she switches to another app the sound is OK.
I am not IOS expert but I suspect the audio volumes levels are being set lower for the webview by one of the other apps that are running.

What do you think - is that likely scenario?

Problem 2 is what to do about the volume levels, there seems little documentation on how to adjust the volumes levels and what solutions are out there are platform specific where goes against the idea of write once for all platforms.

this issue happens in ionic ios build when the ringer button is on slient mode and this is webview issue, i am sure your android version does not have such issue. i have faced the similar issue. you can use to fix this issue, this is a javascript library for audio and works fine with all browser. it is possible that other app can lower the audio, for example if you try using inshorts app, everytime a video starts to play, the app mute the system sound. First check the both scenario and let me know, so that i can help you further.

Thanks, @sumitk91 if it is just an IOS issue then I could use cordova-plugin-volume-control.
The biggest problem is trying to reproduce the error, it is so difficult to get accurate information from end users when they are miles away from yourself.