At Mentions in ion-textarea

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to put an @mention feature into an ion-textarea. While a user is typing in a text, he should be able to type in an ‘@’ character followed by some letters and I want a rest call to a server who searches users with the given letters, shows it to the users and the user has to select one (just like in Twitter or Facebook).

All the backend functionality is in place and in my app, I have all the functions for it (although I’m using a separate search field for the moment).

Is there an easy way to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!


Have you found solution already?

Not really. We use keyUp and keyDown events to search for the @-symbol. But it’s not a real solution, unfortunately.

Have you found any solution?

I used angular mentions but its not work.

No, the solution stayed the same, we trigger a popup to search for the user as soon as someone enters an @

My Issue was solved. I forget about declare component file in app module. Now its work perfectly.

Plugin :: GitHub - dmacfarlane/angular-mentions: Angular mentions for text fields.

This plugin used only input and textarea. This is not work in ion-input and ion-textarea.