Ionic 5 - users mentions

I have Ionic-5 (angular 9) App with users chat, i want to add mentions functionality to the ion-textarea,

its need to be something like Whatsup, twitter ,Facebook when user typing ‘@’ or ‘#’ its will open dropdown with the users list with names and avatars, and when continue typing the list will be filtered and show the relevant users. when click on user from the list the keyboard stay opened and its name will be add to the textarea

is there ionic5/angular9 recommended libraries for mentions? or should i have to write it myself?

have you seen this package?

Hi i have installed angular-mentions npm in ionic3 application but not able to select and display the names fron the list of users.
And when i type @ dropdown list with names is coming correctly in the ionic-lab but not in the mobile. I have ionic-3 with angular-5 hybrid app with users chat.

Can you please help me how to achieve this?

This is not working in Ionic 4 and 5. Have you any other suggestions?