'async componentWillLoad' having issues when packaged and used on other react project (error: Identifier '__awaiter' has already been declared.)

Stencil version:

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Current behavior:
We are using the ‘async’ keyword on the lifecycle method ‘componentWillLoad’ that ensures that a fetch API call is completed before the ‘Render’ method is called. This however has issues when packaged and used on an Angular/React app and the eror is as shown below -

Identifier ‘__awaiter’ has already been declared.

Seems like a linter error as we see the hint below -

To ignore add //eslint-disable-next-line to line bore.

However the above is auto generated by stencil as the error is thrown on the js file ./node_modules/[componentname]/dist/esm-es5/.entry.js

Expected behavior:
No error should be thrown while using the ‘async’ keyword.

Steps to reproduce:
Simply convert the ‘componentWillLoad’ method to async, package it and use it on another project like react/angular.

Related code:


Other information:

An upgrade to the latest stencil version resolved this issue -

"@stencil/core": "^2.4.0",