Artifact on some android terminals when popover

Hello, I’m developing an app and I tested on two android terminals, both with Android 10.

On first, all ok, the popover is showed without problems.
Video here:

But at the second terminal, is showed with artifacts.
Video here:

The popover template is very simple:

    <ion-item *ngFor="let country of countries" (click)='selectCountry(country)'>
      <ion-avatar item-start>
        <img [src]="country.flagUrl">
      <ion-text class="ion-padding">{{ | slice:0:15}}</ion-text>

And code to launch popover:

        const popover: HTMLIonPopoverElement = await this.popoverController.create({
            component: popoverOptions['component'],
            componentProps: {
                countries: this.countries,
                parentRef: this
            backdropDismiss: true,
            // Popover component scope its CSS  by appending each of 
            // the styles with an additional class at runtime
            // here can set the name of this class
            cssClass: popoverOptions['cssClass'],
            event: myEvent, // Needed to show popover, near click, not centered
            translucent: false

        // Show dynamic component PopoverComponent into view
        return await popover.present()

Any idea ? Thank you very much

It was a problem of the distro installed on second mobile (lineage 17.1 for herolte exynos). Now, after updated the distro to new version, the artifacts had been dissapear.

Thanks you and close.