Are you waiting for Ionic Vue 1.0?

I have been using Vue for 2 years now, and I don’t want to go back to Angular for my next Ionic App as Ionic Vue is not quite ready for production yet.

Ionic React is on a good way to 1.0 but Ionic Vue is still on in alpha and according to Max in The Ionic Show of June 12th 2019 :

[Vue] is the least on the priority list for us.

So if you are also waiting for Ionic Vue stable release, express yourself and show this post some love with a :heart: so the Ionic team can raise priority for Vue !


That’s not me :smile:

I think max’s statement is more about in terms of developer hours, we’re focused on multiple things at the moment. For vue, there’s a few things that we need to spend some time on, but there’s also other/bigger bugs that we need to address in Core that are taking priority. Vue is on our list, but we need to get the rest of the stack in a very good state before dedicating more time to vue.

Haha sorry :smile:

Thanks for the insights, makes sens !

nope… it works fine, no ned to wait

Where’s the canonical place to find the state of Vue support in Ionic? I’m hoping to convert a Bootstrap-vue project to Ionic, and I check back every now & then to see where Vue support is up to in Ionic. Would be good if there was somewhere that current state was updated, maybe with a timeline or at least roadmap towards 1.0. Perhaps here:

It would be great to see Ionic Vue being more stable, I’ve tried using it and a lot of errors were there with little custom code.