Are there any plans to directly integrate HAML into Ionic?

Are there any plans to directly integrate HAML into the Ionic CLI build/emulate workflow?

It would be a huge improvement and many of us coming from the RoR community would love to see this integration.

I’m just finishing up my first Ionic application and already really miss HAML!

Can we get this on your product roadmap?


Jon Marinello
Mission Ridge Software Consulting

HAML for what? Not sure to understand where it would fit in Ionic.

As a replacement for writing raw HTML. Others have asked for this but I’m reviving the ask.

With HAML int he flow, I would be able to write HAML instead of HTML and it would get pre-processed as part of the build flow into html.

But it would mean installing Ruby for building an Ionic app which would be a constraint for those who don’t use RoR as a backend.

Anyway, nothing prevents you from using gulp-ruby-haml in your gulp file.

I’m suggesting it as an option and not a requirement. It would be added like other optional features using the CLI (something like ionic add haml) and you guys maintain this as an ongoing feature. My ask is to put this in front of the product team and see if we can get it on the roadmap.

In the meantime, I’ll look into gulp-ruby-haml.


Then you’d better open an issue on github than posting in this forum.

Ok will do. Wasn’t sure what the process was for this. Thanks, jon