how to implement forgot my password

I’m working with the ionic platform for an apps user system. I want to build a password reset functionality. As I have it implemented and the docs seem to describe, a user must be authenticated to then call:

var user = Ionic.User.current();

At which point you can set the password: user.details.password = “secret”; or you can reset it: user.resetPassword().then(success, failure);

The problem is neither of these would work for a forgot my password situation as we want to send an email to the user for a password reset, if the user must login first that doesn’t work. The only way around this I see is to load a user by user-id which is NOT username/email, its an auto generated key. The only way I see making that work is a database to store this key associated with an email, which entirely defeats the purpose of using this user system. Am I missing something?

A +1 from me as well. Looking to release a new app with this framework at the end of the month, and hoping there’s a solution for this.

Because does require a user’s email to be unique (according to their docs and my own tests), the endpoint{uuid}/password-reset
should have the users email address in the request (which I realize is a challenge with an “@” and a “.” in the URL) however that would satisfy the requirements of resetting the user’s password without the application knowing the UUID.

Any insight greatly appreciated!

Did you figure out a solution, I tried migrating to the latest version of Ionic 1, and using $ionicAuth.requestPasswordReset(email);

I just get 500 errors from the server.