Application Preferences with Ionic 2 and Typescript


I am working on Ionic 2 application with Typescript.
For setting up preferences I wish to use the cordova plugin

There are a few things I am strugling with. After a lot of googling there are a few things that I am not yet able to figure out.
It would be great If anyone can help.

  1. Using the above Cordova Plugin with Ionic 2.
    There are a few posts which got me to where I am currently. But most of them refer to javascript so dont help completely.

How do I use and access the plugin methods in typescript as this is not an ionic-native plugin?

  1. Secondly, I understand on IOS a plist file will be generated which can be modified from Application Settings in IOS as a means to update settings. How and where can I have a similar page/functionality on android?


Have you figured out how to use the plugin with Ionic 2 ?



I am also in need of this.
How do we actually get preferences work on IOS with Ionic2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,